We are grateful to have such positive feedback from our amazing patients. Thank you for letting us know how you’re doing!

“I’ve been coughing for 7 weeks, after just one batch of herbs I slept better than I have in months. The coughing is less and I can’t wait to continue the herbs and continue to feel better.  Thank you!” - L.E.


“I am post acupuncture at BlueGreen and continually amazed at how much better I feel afterwards, mentally and physically. Today I felt the Qi moving between needles – seriously – and that was pretty unexpected and cool. If you, like me, deal with stress, anxiety and all kinds of fun, give this a try…for many years this has helped me keep it together… Insurance covers most of it, do it if you can…I call it my magic.” - E.G.


“I had the first sonogram this morning.  I’m measuring right where I should at 6 weeks. Saw the flash - heartbeat. Amazing. I am on cloud 9. Thanks for helping me get here.” - C.L.


“Thank you! The session made all the difference!” - L.N.


“You have taught me so much - I guess one is never too old to learn. So, I shall carry on doing all you’ve taught me and feel certain that my pain will lesson even more…” - N.S.


“You are such a blessing - thank you! This is so helpful - you have no idea.  I have more clarity and more ideas about how I can take better care of myself, nutritionally and physically.” - A.T. 


“Before beginning the treatment and herbs, I used to get a lot hotter at night. Overall I have felt more comfortable than before.  My headaches have been better too.  I've had a few mild ones but I don't think I've had a migraine since I started. The bloating I use to have is much improved!” - E.R.


“I’ve struggled with irregular and painful periods my whole life.  I only wish I had found acupuncture and herbs before now.  My last cycle was amazing, little to no cramping, less irritable, no clots…” - L.O.


“My daughter came home relaxed, did her homework, and finally ate something for dinner. She put herself to bed at 8pm. A quiet, early night instead of the insomnia. Thanks again!” - N.M.