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Good, then you're right on track and in the right place! It’s become the cultural norm to live a ‘stress-filled’ life. In some ways being busy all the time comes with a badge of honor. However, more and more we are seeing the tremendous negative effects of this imposed life-style, and all the symptoms and disease that accompany it. Sleep issues, depression, heart disease and digestive complications are showing up with more severity and frequency. Did you know that 70% of Americans are taking a prescription medication? Did you know that 100 million people suffer with chronic pain every day? Did you know that our water supply is contaminated by these very same medications (Read More)? 

At BlueGreen we offer treatments, tools and practices to our patients, helping them be part of the solution to better living and health! So start living vibrantly, be proactive about your health and vitality.  

BlueGreen specializes in: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Clinical Aromatherapy, Massage, Zero Balancing, Reiki and Children & Teens

Learn more about yourself at BlueGreen

  • What activates your stress response
  • How to relax and calm your mind
  • New perspectives on how good health is not limited to physical health alone
  • How your symptoms are teachers and the body’s signals – learn how to listen to these signals
  • Life-long practices and tools to support living vibrantly and dynamically outside of the treatment room

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Choosing the name BlueGreen

The Chinese word for BlueGreen is Qing Ling. It is the name of an acupuncture point on the Heart Meridian called Blue Green Spirit. The color is present in healthy waters near coral reefs or in a clean and clear blue sky against a lush green landscape. We feel that wherever the color BlueGreen shows, life is healthy, vibrant and expansive. We want this level of health and vitality for our clients!

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