Come see us in person to have your questions answered. In the mean time, these should help get you started…

Why would I see an acupuncturist?
Many patients begin acupuncture treatment to find relief from pain and a wide range of physical, mental or emotional conditions. Others who are not experiencing any specific ailments also seek treatment to maximize their wellness, maintain balance, and stimulate the tremendous healing power of the body, mind and spirit.

Use your acupuncturist as a supporting partner in health and living!  The practitioners at BlueGreen have a strong background in teaching practices that help patients learn better ways to take care of themselves.  Therefore you can take your treatments with you long after the visit and maybe even for a lifetime. Your acupuncturist will provide you with tools including physical exercises, natural remedies and practices that help you gain insight and perspective on how to live your life with more ease, lightness of being and vitality.

Is acupuncture covered by insurance?
Increasingly insurance companies are covering acupuncture. They are realizing that if their clients get treated regularly, it’s less likely that they will have to spend thousands of dollars with doctors, surgeries and medications. Consult your insurance carrier for the term of coverage in your policy as each plan varies.  We do accept assignment of benefits from your insurance company if you have a plan that covers acupuncture.

Does acupuncture hurt?
In short, no.  However, the sensations people experience during acupuncture vary from nothing at all to a brief pinch or ache upon insertion in the area being needled, to a tingling sensation in other areas of the body.  The needles are hair thin and most patients do not experience any pain. Almost immediately after the needles are inserted, all sensations tend to subside and patients report feeling a sense of peace and overall relaxation. 

I'm afraid of needles, now what?
Most people have a very different idea in their head about ‘needles’ and don’t realize how vastly different that idea is from the actual experience in the treatment room.  They are not hypodermic needles, in fact they are as thin as three human hairs.  The acupuncture treatment encompasses so much more than just the needles.  It’s an opportunity to build a relationship with your practitioner, gain a partner in your path to well-being, have time and space to yourself for quite solitude, contemplation or reflection.  It is a space where your nervous system can settle in contrast to our often busy life-styles, schedules and influx of technological stimulation.  If you are afraid of needles, there are other ways to access points and channels including moxibustion (an herb heated on an acupuncture point to stimulate that point), acupressure or gentle massage type stimulation of certain points, clinical aromatherapy or the application of essential oils to acupuncture points and channels to name a few.  Please feel free to contact a practitioner with your concerns or fear of needles.  We want you to experience a sense of well-being, safety and comfort during your treatment.

Are the needles safe?
Yes. The needles are sterile, disposable and approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are used once and then disposed immediately as biohazard waste material.  Strict adherence to Clean Needle Technique (CNT) is observed.

Do I have to be ill to come for acupuncture?
Absolutely not.  Many people are coming for treatment after realizing that it is easier, safer and more cost-effective to maintain health than to recover it. Our everyday life can be stressful sometimes, so patients come back monthly or quarterly to relax, get tuned-up, boost immunity to allergens or other pathogens or to make time to take care of their overall health and wellness.

How frequently do I have to come for treatment?
The frequency of treatments varies with each person based on condition, goals and progress. Following the initial visit, we usually ask our patients to come back weekly for 6 to 8 weeks.  The treatments are cumulative in nature and each treatment builds on the last.  Based on the individual, results may be experienced anywhere from immediately to the span of several visits in a row.  As the patient experiences an improvement with his or her initial concerns, the space between treatments may be extended accordingly to bi-weekly, monthly or longer.  Seasonal treatments are recommended for patients who don't have specific complaints.  Seasonal treatments help to smooth transitions during the changing of seasons and support the patient to feel balanced, centered and able to flow with life’s changes. Together with your practitioner you will design an appropriate and achievable treatment plan for healing and growth.  Please ask a practitioner for more information.

How does acupuncture work?
Based on the ancient Chinese medical philosophy, our body has a network of channels where Qi(Chi), a vital life giving energy, flows; supporting functions of the body, mind and spirit. When Qi is not moving properly throughout these channels, imbalances can occur and symptoms start to arise. In order to explore the underlying cause of the symptoms or condition, they are viewed in relationship to the totality of a person. In other words, we don’t treat Anna's headache, we treat Anna, who has a headache and will inquire how it may arise in her uniquely.  The gentle insertion of hair thin needles at specific points along the channels will stimulate blood flow and Qi initiating the body’s natural ability to heal the source of the symptoms and not just the symptoms themselves. 

Is acupuncture affordable?
If one considers the cost of medications, both prescription and over-the-counter for treatment for conditions that are successfully treated by acupuncture such as low back pain, indigestion, asthma and many others, acupuncture becomes one of the most affordable healthcare modalities in world. Acupuncture can address many conditions that may help to limit the amount of money spent on over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, co-pays, x-rays and doctor visits.   Talk to your practitioner if affordability is a concern for you or your child.

I am considering getting treatments and I have additional questions and concerns. What do I do?

Feel free to call or email any of the practitioners listed on the website.  Please see the Contact Us or Practitioners page of the website for more information.

Email Us if you have any other questions not cover on this page.