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Traditional Chinese Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland

Why mask your symptoms? Chinese Herbal Medicine has been practiced for over 3000 years and is proven to effectively treat many disorders and medical concerns from acute to chronic conditions. Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture are complementary therapies.

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About Chinese Herbal Therapy 

Herbal therapy is the core of traditional Chinese medicine. Herbs are simply plants and vegetables. Chinese herbs are classified according to their natural properties, flavors, directions of Qi movement, meridian tropism and therapeutic actions. A group of herbs are prescribed as customized formulas for each individual. The herbs and formulas have certain properties that align with the body’s natural physiology to treat underlying causes of disease or imbalance. Chinese Herbs come in several forms: Raw (where cooking is required to make a decoction or tea)Granules or Powder form (can be dissolved in hot water or mixed in with food)Capsules or Patent Pills Liquid TincturesThe herbs come directly from nature and work with the body’s natural processes and tendency towards health and balance.

Nature is the best medicine

A Natural Approach to Healing

Herbal consults are one hour and can be done in conjunction with acupuncture treatments or as a stand-alone appointment. After the initial consultation, you will receive your specialized formula within one week. After taking the formula for 2-4 weeks, a 30 minute follow up visit is scheduled. At BlueGreen, we are vigilant to assure that the medicine and products we buy and use are chemical free, pesticide free and natural. We are proud to work with these farmers, growers and manufacturers! KPC Herbs, Spring Wind, and Dragon Herbs. 

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Symptoms Treated by Chinese Herbs

Difficulty falling or staying asleep/insomnia
PMS or painful menstruation
Peri/Menopausal/Post Symtoms

Frequent Colds
Sinus congestion, chronic sinus infections and upper respiratory issues
Migraines and headaches 
Acid reflux, GERD, nausea, cramping or vomiting
Low back pain or joint pain
Urinary incontinence

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