What Erin's patients are saying about her…

1. ) Erin has a rare ability to tune into whomever she is with, fully and on a deep level. Each session begins with a brief conversation. Without being intrusive, her questions draw out what is going on emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually. She is an attentive listener, frequently offering insights that give a fresh perspective and open the situation to wider possibilities. She brings profound intuition, excellent training and intelligence to her work, allowing her to hone in on effective treatment in the moment. She is a gifted healer with calm presence, focus, humility, and a light touch. I have benefited in many ways from her care - greater equanimity in the face of challenges, increased vitality and mental clarity, resilience in health, and confidence that whatever comes my way health-wise, I can turn to her as a trusted advisor.  JG

2. ) Foremost, as a practitioner she is extremely genuine, patient, and understanding. It never feels like she is judging and she understands my concerns about my issues.   She is open-minded and instills a sense of confidence in me with her ability to understand as well as treat my needs. With regard to her practice, she is flexible and open, working  closely with her patients to establish a framework for treatment that works for both her and the client. The atmosphere is a nurturing one and it is always a peaceful place to be for a session. With regard to the process, while it is different for everyone I'm sure, I always feel a sense of quiet calm come over me once treatment begins. I almost always enjoy a sort of trance-like state for a period where I feel like I could be asleep or awake but I'm somewhat aware of what's around me.  Then at some point that state ends when I have a kind of awakening moment. It's as though one suddenly becomes awake from a foggy state and feels energetic and treated.  Treatment for me always begins with a discussion we have about how the last 2 weeks have been, whether anything has plagued me, whether I'm feeling good or bad, and whatever else I'd like to talk about. She never interrogates me nor asks me questions that make me uncomfortable. I am always free to discuss whatever issues I want. I always feel that if something is on my mind that isn't even related to what our treatment has been about, she is open to hearing it and trying to understand how that may be having an impact on my physical health. I feel that the treatment process with her is very integrative and doesn't simply focus on a pain here or there. General health and wellness has become an important part of my life. I credit her with helping me achieve that. Since I've been in treatment with Erin, I not only feel that my complaints have minimized but my overall sense of well-being has improved with my mental state being in a more peaceful place, my anxiety greatly reduced, my head less busy with the nonsense, and general ailments at a minimum. I regularly recommend her acupuncture treatment to my friends and colleagues, for almost anything they complain about. I am a firm believer in it and have developed a far greater understanding of the connection between mind and body and the way the universe impacts our health since I've been speaking with her during our sessions. I feel that I have generally grown in an abundance of ways since I've been working with Erin. I am grateful for her!

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