Gained in translation…

Paraphrasing Debra Kaatz’ translation of Blue Green/ Qing Ling, for example;

The Chinese character Qing (top right) is made of sprouting plants and an alchemist's stove that has a bar of cinnabar inside. All of nature is transformed into life by the heat of the sun and the vibrancy of water. Just as the heart is the fire that gives life to us, the cinnabar is a kind of metaphor for the same fire of spirit that comes from the sun, warmth and the fire in our hearts each initiating growth.

The Chinese character Ling (bottom right) is drawn as the rains of heaven falling into the mouths of three shaman women who are dancing between heaven and earth. They dance and recite incantations calling on the heavens to bring the life rejuvenating rains that will make the earth prosper with growing plants and trees.  

Thus BlueGreen or QingLing is the vibrant color of the energy of the spirit of life.

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